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Makin Tua, Makin Difficult Lose Weight - Kompa

Makin Tua, Makin Difficult Lose Weight - Kompa
 The new year naturally led to new hope. Hope this one is to obtain a more healthy body with ideal weight. New year seemed to infuse the spirit of reaching a resolution tersebut.Namun for older adults, seem to need more than motivation to lose weight. This relates to the new facts stated, fatty deposits that must be removed for weight loss is also related to biological problems are increasingly complex with increasing usia.Menurut research experts from the University of Shizuoka Japan, there is a white and brown fat in the human body. Good brown fat to burn bad white fat. Good fats are located in the shoulder and neck, while the bad fats in the stomach and it turns brown paha.Lemak slowly disappearing along with the increase in age. As a result, the work of brown fat in adults slower with the burning of fat white fewer. Thus, adults should do more physical exercise to help burn white fat. A faster metabolism is expected to help work the fat coklat.Fakta was discovered after researchers conducted a study on two groups of rats. One group of mice was normal that serves as a control, while the other group did not have a platelet-activating factor receptors (PAFR). PAFR receptors that encode proteins in inflammatory conditions and transfer lemak.Pada this research, a group of mice lacking the PAFR become more fat than control. This marked an increase of 25 percent of body mass and fat content per cell to 55 percent. After comparing with control rats investigators concluded that obesity is the result of declining function of brown adipose tissue (BAT), or fat tissue coklat.Riset proves, control mice turned out to rely on different sources of brown fat. Fat does not stand alone, but coupled with white fat to generate energi.Menurut researchers in the field of health and cell biology from the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Bruce Spiegelman, the same mechanism may occur in humans. However, this function decreases with age. This resulted in adults struggle to lose weight is getting harder, but still have to do. "" With this result, adults should be twice as hard to maintain his diet. They should also regularly exercise with the result that 50 per cent smaller than that of the sport at an earlier age, "" said the editor-in-chief of The FASEB Journal, Dr. Gerald Weissmann.
He said, the findings in this research as well as warnings to eat more vegetables and exercise as we age. This pattern is simply to maintain the health of the body, before cokat fat function decreases to stop the study at the same time denied sekali.Hasil previous research that considers the brown fat is not beneficial to adult humans. Research previously stated, brown fat is only useful for the baby so that the body remains warm and not shivering. Therefore, the baby had reserves of brown fat in the shoulders, back, and spine bulkhead, than the next dewasa.Namun some research shows even adults have brown fat, but not always used when the body is cold. When the body of an adult doing physical exercises, brown fat will burn ordinary fat deposits and processes it into an energy source.
Adults who cold also increase metabolism by 80 percent. This is because brown fat and white fat faster process to generate heat that warms the body. This research also opens new research targets, namely to determine the molecular level how PAFR be inactive. Furthermore, these results can be used as an approach to treat various diseases trend this year is diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, cancer, infertility, and ulcer.
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